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Bertram Heating and Cooling of Rochester NY is a fully licensed and experienced HVAC/Plumbing and furnace repair company. We are a local small business that offers big services!  We offer a full range of services to include: HVAC Services, Water Heaters and Furnaces.

Bertram Heating and Cooling also offers comprehensive plumbing services from the smallest to the largest job throughout the Rochester, NY area, including emergency plumbing services. Our mission is to provide superior services while taking care of our community by providing dependable, reliable, guaranteed work!

If you have a heating issue we can help. We can provide you with maintenance to help you avoid any issues. Whether you are residential or commercial, dependent on a furnace or boiler system we can help you to maintain your system,  repair your furnace or replace your system.

Water Heaters. Tankless Water Heaters?, Replacement? Repairs? Maintenance? We got you covered. We can repair/replace any brand water heater. We can also provide you with advice on the new tankless water heaters and install them as well.

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When we say full service we mean full service. We can maintain your HVAC system and provide you with service for everything and anything plumbing, heating or cooling. Bertram Heating and Cooling of Rochester NY is a certified fully licensed company that puts the customer first.

Through years of experience and keeping abreast of the latest technology we have perfected the ability to provide HVAC Services in Rochester, NY that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

Call (585) 301-7198 to schedule your HVAC or furnace repair in Rochester, NY

No matter what your plumbing/heating/cooling problem is we can help. Our commitment to providing superior services means that you can expect on time service that is always handled in a professional manner.

We provide superior services at a fair rate. Our commitment to our customers is evident in our response time and the professional level of the work that we provide. As members of the Rochester, NY community it is important to us that our friends and neighbors in the community have their plumbing, heating and cooling needs met.

Bertram Heating and Cooling offers all the HVAC services in Rochester, NY that you need to stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer and all your plumbing working as it should. Let us provide you with the service that you deserve. Bertram Heating and Cooling is the name to remember for all your plumbing/HVAC needs. 24/7 we are here to serve you!

32 Walzer Rd Rochester, New York 14622 United States
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Water Heaters Quoted By Job

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Time to Replace Your Water Heater in Rochester, NY? Water Heaters Rochester NY Conserving energy and water gets easier and easier each year with the new technology that comes out. Water heaters are far more energy wise today than they were even 5 years ago! Having an energy star rated water heater can save you hundreds of dollars a…

Tankless Water Heaters Quoted By Job

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Tankless Water Heaters for Rochester, NY Homes Energy efficiency is one of the quickest ways to save money! A tankless water heater is one of the appliances that can easily help you to save money and conserve energy. Heating water is about 30% of your energy costs. Being able to save on heating your water will really make a difference…

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Professional Furnace Installations for Rochester, NY >There are different types of furnaces that are available to heat your home. All of the furnaces have one thing in common you need a licensed technician to install them! Bertram Heating and Air Conditioning can install any type of furnace you choose. When you are looking at furnaces and the options that you…

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Boilers for Rochester, NY Commercial boilers require periodic inspections. Boilers are highly regulated apparatus. NYS enacted boiler regulations in 1800. Boilers are vessels that work under very high pressure to heat water which can in turn be used to provide heat for properties. The term boiler and furnace is often used interchangeably but they may not be the same type…

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Reviews of Bertram Heating and Cooling Rochester

great service by Gary16/02/2016

was great, inexpensive

Fast Professional Service by Tom Talbot01/08/2016

Gary has provided us with great service at a competitive price several times. I Have recommended him to family and friends and they have nothing but good things to say.

Great work from an honest guy by jim20/10/2016

wehave used gary many times and the work price and cost was very inline

Great work by Gary by Jim Vicker20/10/2016

We arranged a time for the repairs and Gary arrived exactly on time. He immediately indicated that he had a plan on what needed to be done and he was anxious to get to it. But, based on some incorrect information that I provided him, he was unable to do the job as he had planned. Gary was not at all bothered by this and quickly moved to plan B. Plan B required some tricky modifications, but Gary was able to make the repairs. It is obvious that Gary is very experienced and skilled. He doesnt let a difficult problem getting in his way. And, he goes the extra mile to make sure everything is right. He even helped me make a additional repair which resulted from the incorrect information I gave him. I would recommend Gary highly to anybody who is interested in having heating, cooling or plumbing work done.