How to Create a Free PayPal Business Account

In this tutorial post, I’ll show you how to create a PayPal business account so that you can connect PayPal to your website and begin taking online payments and online donations directly on your website.

It’s a fairly simple process, but some information will be required on your side, including:

  1. Name
  2. Business Address
  3. Business EIN (Federal ID number)
  4. Business Bank Account Info
  5. Owner’s Social Security Number


Benefits of the PayPal Business Account

Personal PayPal accounts are meant for smaller volume and therefore limit you to only $500 per month of transfers. This may not be enough volume for your organization, and therefore a PayPal Business account will be required. A PayPal business account will not limit you as to the dollar amount or number of transactions and transfers you can have. This is better for organizations active with online payments.

Business accounts will give you additional management options for your transactions through the settings and API functions for website and other online integrations.


Instructions to Create a PayPal Business Account