Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you recommend a Gmail address to sign up with Bizfinder?

Because it automatically gives you access to Google Adwords and Youtube.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is Google's database that keeps track of how all people search on Google for various things, it allows a business owner to research how potential customers search for their products or services, so they can put thier web pages with thier products/services out in front of these potential buyers and immediately start generating business.

Do you show us how to use Google Awords?  

Yes, we do, just the basics though and we also show you how to use Bing ads which is almost an exact duplicate of Google Adwords, it's Bing, Yahoo and Aol's database on how people search on thier sites as well.  You can search for more advanced instruction on how to use both Bing Ads and Google Adwords.

Why do I need a Youtube account?

With the smartphones we have today, they all take excellent video. By taking video of your products/services or even creating instructional videos on your smartphone, it's easy to upload them from your smartphone to your Youtube account then pull them right into your web pages! Nothing sells like Video, this is extremely powerful for the small business owner! 

Paying For Your Account 

I dont have a credit card what can I do? No Problem, simply go to any retail store (Office Depot, Staples, Walmart, local grocery stores, etc...) and purchase a Visa/MC, or  American Express Pre-Paid debit card. 

Can I use any company besides GoDaddy to purchase a domain name?

Yes, however our support team supports's control panel with assisting you in attaching your domain name to your main webpage (free). Using anyone else you would need to contact thier support team in helping you to attach your domain name to your main webpage.

How much will a Domain Name ( cost me?

Most domains will cost you less than $2.50-15.00 per year (depending on what you choose (ex. .com,.org,.net..)

I've never bought a domain name before, is it hard to attach that domain name to my main web page inside of BizFinder?

No, It's actually quite easy, we show you how through video instruction.

Do I actually need a domain name?

No, but you should get one, as your domain name represents your business and is easy for customers to come back to your site to view your products/services. Once you have a domain name, you can add it to your vehicle and market your business 24/7'

 Can we have custom work done to our web pages?

No, we have already added every advanced option to your web pages for business purposes.

The Major Advantages of using Bizfinder over it's competition.

  • Buy a Domain name and attach it to your main web page, now you have a  Marketing Website that you control starting at $4.95/mo(billed annually)
  • Use it to sell anything online, craigslist, ebay, bring that customer back to your web pages to see your products/services.
  • Present your products and services in video using your smartphone and Youtube account together!
  • Your Dashboard inside your account,  stores all your leads, and best of all, you can respond to any lead directly from your website!
  • All your webpages count the "Hits" to that page, so you can easily track the progress of any advertising you do with your web pages!
  • We automatically reset the hits to zero on the 1st of each month.
  • Need to pass out Flyers on a local basis? you can create a pdf flyer directly from your web page simply adjusting your text!
  • Social Media- is built into your site, with one click, you can post to social media and start building your brand.
  • Google maps- enter your address and it pinpoints your business location, Dont enter anything, and it wont show the map! 
  • Your Comment section you have complete control over.
  • You have a 5 star rating system.