Gmail Customer Search

Gmail Account- to Adwords , Once you have your Gmail account setup, 
go to Adwords by following the steps below to bypass the campaign setup.

Step 1-> Go to the URL->
Step 2-> Click on Sign in and enter your login credentials
Step 3->Click on "Skip the Guided Setup
Step 4->Select your country, time zone & currency and then click on save & continue

Now you have an adwords account without any campaign, click on Tools->Keyword Planner

1. Under "Find new keywords and get search volume data",  Click on:
    "search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category" .

2. Under "Your product or service" type in a search term thats related to what you are selling.

3. All the searches and variations of your search will be returned and shown on a "Monthly Basis".

4. Build your products or company page based on that search and put your page out in
    front of customers looking for that exact product or service. It's as simple as that!