Resizing Images


Changing Your Image Size

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Today's smartphones take high resolution pictures that need to be reduced for use on the web. A picture that has a high resolution will slow down your web page from loading. At Bizfinder we set the maximum resolution and file size for images to keep your pages loading quickly. is a free image reduction/cropping web page where you can upload your images, change the file size/crop it without changing the quality and download them right back to your computer in seconds, then upload your images to your webpages in Bizfinder. We recommend using Google Chrome®.  Logo's are restricted to 400x300 pixels and 500kb in size and images(photos) are restricted to 3000x2500 and 1000kb(1 megabit).


Determining the size of your image (Windows)

Place your cursor over the image and right click your mouse, click "properties", your "Size" (Kb Kilobytes, Mb Megabytes) will be displayed.  To find the "Pixel" size (width x height) click on details and it will display the "pixel dimension size".   You can also just open up and upload your pictures and it will display their size as well.