Standard Business Setup


Tips Before You Start

Create A Gmail Account (This Automatically Creates An Adwords Account (For Marketing) and Youtube Account (For Video)

Use Google Chrome For Your Browser To Edit Your Web Platform (If You Dont Have It, Download It Here: Google Chrome

Use CTRL + C (on your keyboard) to Copy and Ctrl + V to Paste when editing on any of your web pages.

IMPORTANT***- Do not copy and paste directly from another web page to your page! (as it copies the Html code as well, this will create issues with how everything is displayed on your site).

Instead***... copy from a web page(if you need to) and paste it in "Notepad" then save (txt), or "Word" save as a (doc) then save. Then copy it from there and paste it on your web page. (this will strip all the html code out of it and will display correctly on your page, edit it on your site.


Follow The Steps Below (in Order) To Build Your Web Platform


1. Congratulations-You Have Now Registered and Created Your Account

    Time To Start Building ...(Go To #2)


 2. Purchasing Your Membership  



3. Creating Your Main Web Page



4. Dashboard Overview  



5.  Downloading Google Chrome and Uploading Your Logo     



6. Resizing and Uploading Your Logo and All Images 



7. Creating Additional Web Pages and Rearranging Images 



8. Creating a Gallery For Images and Adjusting Image Size For Uploading (Click Here For Resize Tool:

Smartphones (Iphone, Android, etc...) take high resolution pictures that need to be reduced for use on the web. A picture
that has a high resolution will slow down your web page from loading. At Bizfinder we set the maximum resolution and file
size for images to keep your pages loading quickly. is a free image reduction/cropping web page where you
can upload your images, change the file size/crop it without changing the quality and download them right back to your
computer in seconds, then upload your images to your webpages in Bizfinder. See the video below.



9. Installing A Video To The Gallery Or An Individual Webpage. 



10. Buy Your Domain Name, Then Attach It To Your Main Web Page  


 11. Creating A PDF FLYER