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Bizfinder is committed to providing an accessible website to everyone. If you have any difficulty accessing or viewing any of our content or have any issues with navigation of our site, please contact Bizfinder and let us know what page and the nature of the accessibility issue you are having.Our support team is commited to helping and solving any issue with the accessibilty of our site. We are continuing to work and provide the content you need in the format you require. We welcome any suggestions and comments about improving ongoing efforts to increase the accessibility of our website.


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Trouble Viewing Text-  (copy any text and paste it in the box then click the arrow to have it read it back to you)


Tips from the U.S. Social Security Administration

I am partially blind, blind or simply can't see very well:


Difficulty using a Mouse or Keyboard - If you find thesehard to use, there is a software called Dragon this software will allow you to control your computer with your voice:


I am Deaf or Hard of Hearing

  • Turn up your volume control on your computer ( most computers- this  is in your "Settings" or "System" menu listing when you "Right Click" on the "Start Button" located on the bottom left  of your Display Screen (Windows only). 
  • Videos (Closed Captioning)- We use Youtube for all our Videos. Youtube has Closed Captioning "CC" located on the bottom right of all their published videos, simply turn it on by clicking on the "CC".